24/03/14 – As I suspected, this trade has ran out of steam in the current market climate.  the Trailing Stop was taken out in the first half of today’s session, giving a 1.9% profit on my trading account balance.  A good result going into the last week of this current financial year for me.  As Below


22/03/14 – Despite the negativity of the markets last week this trade made a new W5 high.  The last hour of Friday’s session, however, saw most of the gains of the week eroded. I have adjusted the Trailing Stop to 29.22, locking in 1.9% profit on my Trading Account Balance.  It is below the low of last week and just below the target zone, which will allow the trade to work whilst still protecting profits.  The big question for next week is “has this trade run out of steam? or will it go into the following week and hence my new Financial Trading year?  As Below


15/03/14 – This trade has been in the target zone for two weeks (bars) now and although the price made a new W5 high last week (last bar), it closed back in the target zone.  it seems that the appetite in the market for a higher price at this time is low and so I have adjusted the Trailing Stop aggressively to just under the low of last week ‘ 28.91.  This decision locks in 1.8% profit on my trading account balance whilst still giving the trade a chance to move higher next week.  As Below


08/03/14 – Another positive week for this stock, taking the price into the initial target zone and tipping the 2% profit line.  The secondary target zone which is higher, is taken from the main Pivot B is possible if the price can break through this initial one which will act as resistance to further price movement higher.  I want to give the trade space to achieve this whilst locking in as much profit as possible and feel comfortable with moving the trailing Stop to just below the low of last week (the last bar) as there have been higher highs and higher lows for the last 6 weeks (bars) signalling a strong Bullish Trend.  Trailing Stop adjusted to 27.84, which locks i 1.45% profit on  my trading account balance. As Below


01/03/14 – Another positive week (1 bar) for this trade, forming a new W5 High.  As with my Money Management Strategy Guidelines, I have adjusted the Trailing Stop to 1 point below the low of the last 2 weeks @ 27.48.  This locks in 1.33% profit on my trading account balance , whilst giving the trade space to gain further ground next week and hopefully reach the target zone.  AS Below


22/02/14 – Last week (1 bar) witnessed a new W5 High formed with the price closing around the 1.5% profit line.  The last 4 bars (weeks) has seen a typical Bullish trend pattern with Higher Lows and Higher Highs for each consecutive bar.  This is a good indication of strength and momentum.  i have adjusted the Stop Loss below the low of the week ending 14/02/14 @ 2637 locking in 1% profit on my trading account balance.  This is a conservative money management manoeuvre compared to some of the trade management this week giving the trade plenty of space to do its thing.  i have adjusted the take Profit Limit order (TPLO) to 3150 at  the secondary target zone predicted by my software.  i intend to manage this trade with  trailing Stop, moving it up 1 bar at a time (1 point below the low of each bar).  As Below


15/02/14 – This trade is 9 bars (weeks) in and  is doing well. With the price opening and closing above the 50% to target line, I have moved the Stop Loss to 2365, which is Break Even considering the spread.  This is a conservative money management approach as I want to give the trade room but also want a risk free trade.After next week I will be more aggressive with a trailing Stop as there is possible some resistance from the initial target zone taken from Pivot B, which may in fact turn out to be the end of the W5 move, so the next couple of weeks will be critical for this trade.  As below


19/12/13 – Trend Channel taken from Pivot B, first TJ’s Ellipse is giving support giving a total of 8/9 indicators in the green.  A conservative entry to the trade, way out of the Trend Channel an above the high of last week @ 2353 with the Stop Loss taken at 2040.  A Jun14 Spread bet Contract taken out so the spread is a little bigger a 18 points, which obviously affects the stop loss and entry prices compared to actual live price so have compensated for that.  As Below

EA#1 EA#2osc


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