24/04/14 – This trade has been on for 12 bars (weeks) and is not performing well.  This week has seen a positive turn around for the price against my SHORT position and therefore I am taking a Time Stop and banking 0.7% profit on my trading account balance.  As Below


27/01/14 – With massive price movement down after the US session opened this trade triggered straight away whereas the other SHORT trade order for LXP is taking its time.  Trigger chart as Above for DVAX


27/01/14 – I have been watching this potential trade for some weeks now and 8/9 indicator in the green it is setting up well.  The next couple of weeks will be the test.  I have put in a SELL order @ 175 on a JUN14 contract which is out of the Trend Channel and below the lows of the last 5 weeks.  Stop Loss @ 212 with a Take profit Limit order @ 50.  I had to telephone this SELL order through to the dealing desk due to Stock Borrowing Restrictions on this Spread bet (this was agreed and put on).  As Below


DVAX#1 DVAX#2osc


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