01/05/14 – The price gapped up massively on open, so I immediately took advantage and closed out the trade on this DTV Stock.  This gave me a profit of 2.2% on my trading account balance. This decision was made easier with the slow start to this quarter in April and the need to get a good profitable trade in the bank.  As Below


26/03/14 – Massive price action in the first half of today’s session saw this BUY order trigger, then go on to tip the 50% to target zone.  All this despite the US markets being in negative territory in today’s session, but this DTV Stock was defying the market conditions.  I very much doubt if the momentum will continue in tomorrows session and fully expect a degree of pull back over the coming days after this large movement.  The indicators were good on setup so will look for this DTV Stock to continue on its Wave 5 after a period of consolidation.  As Below

DTV2#4 alt

26/03/14 – I have already had a winning trade with the DTV Stock, in February and now it is setting up well again with 8/9 indicators in the green as the final piece of the jigsaw was put together with the Stochastic crossing in the Over Sold Zone yesterday. The Elliott Oscillator has crossed over the zero point which almost perfect as the this indicates the turn up after the Wave 4 is coinciding with the 5 day and 35 day  Moving Averages crossing. Also an important Elliott Wave observation is apparent here, in that a simple Wave 2 was followed by a complex Wave 4. I have placed the Stop BUY order @ 75.35 on a DFB Spread Bet Contract, which is an aggressive entry out of the Trend Channel and 2 points above the high of yesterday’s session. The Stop Loss @ 72.20 with the Take Profit Limit Order @ 83.00, which gives a Risk to Reward ratio of over 1:2. Charts as below for this potential long trade on the DTV Stock.

DTV2#3 DTV2#1 DTV2#2osc'

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