Deutsche Boersa Xetra

14/05/15 – deutsche boerse xetra – The price gapped down massively at the open of today’s session then proceeded to take out the stop loss.  I was paid dividends today which equated t 0.4% of my trading account balance which has offset the loss for this trade to 0.6%.  The Greece issues and the stronger Euro is affecting DAX stocks more than expected at this time.  Chart as below for the close of this trade.

DB1 stop out

11/05/15 – deutsche boerse xetra- The momentum for this Bullish move continued in today’s session and the price closed just above the entry position. Very early days yet on this trade as the Greece problems are affecting DAX stocks.  Chart s below showing the entry into this trade.


09/05/15 – deutsche boerse xetra – The wave 4 pull back for this German Stock has found support between the Fibonacci 0.25 and 0.382 Retracement levels and then the TJ’s Ellipse at a further attempt to move lower. The price closed at the high on Friday and above the 6/4 MA High line to give 8/9 of my trade setup indicators in the green.  I am still remaining conservative on my entries due to the large daily swings on all the markets at the moment. Stop Buy order @ 76.10 which is above the B pivot formed during the Wave 4 and the natural whole number “76” level.  Stop Loss @ 71.90 and the initial Take Profit Limit Order is @ 85.00, giving a Risk to Reward profile of 1:2.  Charts as below for the setup of this potential Long Position on deutsche boerse xetra.

deutsche boerse xetra DB1#1 DB1#2osc'

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