25/02/14 – The Trailing Stop was taken out after massive price action down below the trend line (Blue Thick Line).  A small profit of 0.2% of my trading account balance.  The trade has been on for 13 bars (days) and was on target until today.  I feel justified in moving the Stop Loss to make this a Risk Free trade as the price has dropped even lower since then.  As Below


21/02/14 – The price has risen and closed just above the half way point to the target price zone today.  i have moved the Stop Loss to just above Break Even and below the lows of the last 4 bars (days).  Stop Loss @ 54.80 making this a Risk Free Trade. I will look to exit this trade next week hopefully.  The thick blue line is a trend line I have drawn on that will help decide my trailing stops for next week as if the price were to break this line going down then it is most likely t to have broken this W5 trend it is currently on. As Below


06/02/14 – The BUY order was triggered during the session, whilst I was having IT issues.  Trade is now on.  As below


06/02/14 – With the price going above the 6/4 NA High line in yesterdays session and it opening above it today, there are 8/9 indicators in the green, although the Risk to reward is on the limit.  I have placed a BUY order conservatively above the highs of the last 9 bars (days) @ 54.34 on a DFB Spread Bet Contract with a Stop Loss @ 50.34 and a Take Profit Limit Order @ 61.34.  As Below


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