01/02/14 – Stop Loss was taken out in Friday’s session giving a 1% loss on my trading account balance.  A massive gapped open lower than the Stop Loss took me out, then the price has a large swing up to close way higher.  I have attempted this trade twice now and failed.  The big question now, “is there enough in the trade to try and get my money back?”.  Well with the new lows formed in Friday’s session and the subsequent larger gap between possible new entry and stop loss, the risk to reward is borderline and presents a low probability of regaining the losses.  So I have to just walk away, I will however keep an eye on the price moment  and try to learn from this.  Chart Below showing Stop out.


30/01/14 – A very negative session in the US markets yesterday after the Fed announcement about cutting the tapering.  the price is this stock suffered but did not stop me out.  I have moved the Stop Loss to 6641 which is below the Normal TJ’s Ellipse projected price (yet to be taken out, grey/blue ellipse joined by a red time line).  This is the first time I have done this but feel confident that this trade will resume its Bullish trend once the markets have settled after the Fed news.  As Below


28/01/14 –  This price has setup again and with the price breaking the 6/4 MA High line there are 9/9 indicators in the green.  Entered the trade aggressively out of the Trend Channel and above the 6/4 MA High @ 6880 on a DFB Spread Bet Contract.  Stop Loss @ 6700 and the Take Profit Limit order @ 7300.  The price pulled back slightly below the open price just before the close of last nights session.  As Below

CVS2#3 CVS2#1 CVS2#2osc

24/01/13 – Stop Loss taken out,  giving a 1% loss on my trading account balance.  The session after this trade triggered saw a two day drop of around 5% on the US markets to close the week very negatively.  I will keep an eye on this however as t still might set up again next week.  Lots of trades to scan after last weeks pullback, its just entering at the right time when the markets have completed this current pullback!  As Above

22/01/14 – Trade triggered within minutes of the session opening with quite an aggressive move up, if it comes back down to break even at the end it wouldn’t surprise me.  As Below


22/01/14 – Although the price looks like it will continue on the current W4 pullback to take out the first TJ’s ellipse around 6741, I don’t want to miss out if the price breaks out.  So I have put a conservative BUY order on a DFB spread bet contract @ 6890 which is way out of the Trend channel for today’s open later and above the high of the 15th Jan.  If it doesn’t trigger over the next couple of days and heads towards the support of the TJ’s Ellipse  then I will consider adjusting the order.  Stop Loss at 6770 and Take Profit Limit order @ 7306.  As Below

CVS#1 CVS#2osc'

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