Credit Suisse Stock NYSE

13/05/15 – Credit Suisse Stock NYSE – This trade has been extremely hard to manage due to the huge amount of pre market trading causing gaps on open.  I decided to time stop this trade during yesterday’s session and walk away with 1.3% profit on my trading account balance.  Although the overall picture is Bullish the decision was made easy as my other few trades that are on my radar for time stop strategies are not doing as well and I needed to get some money in the bank to help hedge against any potential losses from these trades.  Chart s Below for the close of this trade on Credit Suisse stock NYSE.

CS close

09/05/15 -Credit Suisse Stock NYSE – My Stop Buy Order “Tip-Toe” triggered during Friday’s session then closed just below the open to form a Doji, but did form a Higher High and a Higher Low.  The 26.45 level is proving to be acting as resistance and another Higher high and Higher Low on Monday would see the Bullish momentum continue.  A close above the entry level next week will give me confidence to start to look for potential scalps.  Chart as Below for the entry into this trade on the Credit Suisse Stock NYSE.

credit suisse stock nyse

02/05/15 – Credit Suisse stock NYSE – The price for this stock has retraced and closed the large gap formed during the Wave 3.  The Wave 4 pull back has found support at this Fibonacci 0.382 level along with the TJ’s Ellipse.  The MACD Histogram is tending to zero and the Signal lines are looking to cross.  There are currently 8/9 of my trade setup indicators in the green and with my conservative entry above the 6/4 MA High line for Monday’s Bar position there will be 9/9 on entry.  Stop Buy order @ 26.45 with the Stop Loss @ 25.29 and the initial Take Profit Limit Order @ 29.50, giving a Risk to Reward profile of 1:3.  This is a very gappy stock so I will wait for the session to open on Monday and then place the order if the price does not gap up above my entry price.  there is a little give with the Risk to Reward so if it gaps up slightly above and no higher than 25.60 then the trade will still be on.  Charts as Below for the Setup of this potential Long Position on this Credit Suisse Stock NYSE.

credit suisse stock nyse credit suisse stock nyse CS#2osc'

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