29/03/14 – The price for this potential trade is out of the Trend Channel but has gone sideways for some 7 bars (days) now and is range bound.  I have therefore cancelled the BUY order as it no longer fits my criteria for a high probability trade, in that when a price exits the Trend Channel i would expect good price action up.  As Below


14/03/14 – This is an AIM listed stock on the LSE and is setting up well with 7/9 indicators in the green.  The Elliot Oscillator is with parameters but not quite pulled back to zero yet so today’s price action will be interesting.  I have placed a BUY order @ 106.75 which is an aggressive entry out of the Trend Channel to take advantage of a potential 3% profit on my trading account balance with this trade.  Stop Loss @ 102.75 and the Take Profit Limit order 120.75.  Chart As Below


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