03/02/14 – In what can only be described as a FREE FALL in US Markets during today’s session, the Trailing Time Stop was taken out on this giving a 0.1% profit on my trading account balance.  This protection worked well s a time stop fter 17 weeks in the trade and it going no where.  No loss incurred.  As below


01/02/14 – This trade has been open for 15 bars(weeks) and I need to think about time stopping it.  I am going to follow my new Time Trailing Stop to give the trade a chance, especially as it has crossed the downward trend line (dark blue line going from W3), whilst still ensuring that it is now a “Risk Free Trade”.  I have placed the Trailing Stop for Monday’s session at the 0.1% Profit line @ 2737.  As Below


14/10/13 – A very complex Wave 4 pullback, so have gone for a conservative entry out of the 6/4 MA High line @ 27.22.  Giving 8/9 indicators in the green. As Below

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