27/03/15 – CCI NYSE – My Stop Loss on the main trade was taken out in yesterdays session giving a 1% loss on my trading account balance.  This trade simply did not weather the very negative two day Bearish Storm on the US markets and along with IDRA was a casualty of this bearish correction. Looking back the setup was good and the only self criticism is the support level for the Stop loss was conservative enough as is evident with the close way back into the range at the end of yesterday’s session.  At this moment there isn’t another Long setup on the Daily time frame so I will be looking for potential setups on lower time frames for a Swing Trade and as normal I will look for potential Scalping opportunities during next weeks session.  My NET loss for this trade was 0.25% as the previous scalp helped hedge the loss.  Chart as Below for this Stop Out on the CCI NYSE trade.

cci nyse

25/03/15 – CCI NYSE – My first scalp on this Stock on the 24th March and during a days trial with a trading partner for my fund. After a bearish run from the open of yesterday’s session the price found support nd a classic Bullish Harami was formed at 11:05 am whilst the MACD Histogram was tending towards zero.  There was a false bar stochastic formed t the bottom of the stochastic study which was  concern so a conservative entry was decided @ 86.14 which was above the indecision candles leading to the Bullish Harami.  Stop Loss @ 85.88. The trade did not trigger until 11:50 am and then made reasonable progress, but a very aggressive Trailing Stop strategy was used due to the conservative entry and large gap in price between entry and stop loss. Following the close of the positive green candle at 12:20 the Trailing Stop was adjusted to 86.33. Within a couple of minutes the Trailing Stop was taken out giving a 0.75% profit on my trading account balance.  This was not a high probability move and I was happy with the outcome and use of aggressive trailing stops at following 1 bar behind each close.  Chart as Below for this firsts scalp trade on CCI NYSE.

cci nyse

19/03/15 – CCI NYSE – My Buy order for this stock was triggered yesterday with a large price movement and the closed above the entry price.  The MCD is now at the zero line and the signals lines are just about to cross, which gives me confidence that the wave 4 pull back is over and a bullish move is now on. I expect a breather day today in the US market so my target for this new trade is ti simply close above entry y the end of the week.  Chart as Below for the entry into this trade on CCI NYSE.

cci nyse

17/03/15 – CCI NYSE – Although the wave 2 for this Elliott wave movement was extremely complex, the Wave 4 has so far been a simple profit take, which confirms a strong Elliott Wave Theory observation. With 7/9 indicators in the green for this potential Long Trade, the setup is looking good.  The Wave 4 has found support between the Fibonacci retracement 0.25 and 0.382 levels and the price closed out of the trend channel for yesterday’s session. The MACD Histogram is tending towards the zero line and the MACD and signal lines are about to cross which is a good sign that a Bullish move is about to happen. Further conformation is needed that the Wave 4 pull back has been broken, hence a conservative entry strategy above the 6/4 Moving Average High Line for today’s bar position. Stop Buy order @ 86.10 with the Stop Loss @ 83.95 and the initial Take Profit Limit Order @ 91.50, giving a Risk to Reward Profile above 1:2.  Charts as Below for the setup of the potential Long trade on CCI NYSE.

CCI nyse CCI#1 CCI#2osc'

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