31/03/14 – Stop Loss taken out at the opening of the session giving a 1% loss on my trading account balance.  This SHORT trade did set up well and was a hedge against the market turning, but it seems the market is still in an overall bullish mood despite the volatility at the moment.  As Below


12/03/14 – The price gapped down slightly on open to trigger me into this trade. Due to the gap, the trade entered at the open price of 8617, so I have adjusted the entry point (green hatched line) and therefore the Risk to Reward, which still sits around the 1:2.  The Stop Loss remains the same.  As Below


11/03/14 – With 8/9 indicators in the green once the price passes the 6/4 MA Low line this trade is still looking good.  i will be making a phone SELL order @ 86.75 with a Stop Loss @ 8835 with a Take profit Limit order @ 82.00, with a potential 3% profit on my trading account balance. As Below


08/03/14 – I have cancelled the SELL trade order as the price made a new high in Friday’s session (07/03/14)  and I just want to see how it opens on Monday before i make any further decisions on this potential SHORT trade. As Below


06/03/14 -I have adjusted the Stop Loss on this SELL order in line with the new W4 extreme (High) formed on Tuesday.  I have also adjusted the SELL order entry point in line with today’s new Daily bar position and the corresponding 6/4 MA Low line crossing point.  This is below the low of Monday and therefore set @ 86.28.  If this trade doesn’t trigger today, I will look to cancel the order as the TJ’s Ellipse will not be acting as resistance to further movement against the direction I want the trade to take.  As below


03/03/14 – Another potential SHORT trade with 8/9 indicators in the green.  I have placed a conservative SELL order @ 86.02 on a DFB contract which is just below the 6/4 MA Low line and would give 9/9 indicators in the green upon trigger.  ( I had to telephone this order in with my broker as there are stock borrowing restrictions on this stock, preventing SHORT trades being ordered on an online trading platform.) As Below

CB#3 CB#1 CB#2osc


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