13/03/14 – With good positive price movement at the beginning of the session I took advantage of the fact that I was over the minimum profit line at 1.6% that I like to take on a large proportion of my trades and closed the trade.  This resulted in a 1.8% profit on my trading account balance which is great considering the poor performance overall.  As Below


12/03/14 – I have moved the Trailing Time Stop to 67.40 to lock in 1% profit on my trading account balance. As mentioned in the previous post this trade’s contract expires on the 18th march so at this point of the week I want to lock in as much profit as possible whilst giving the trade a little room to work.  Again I will look to take profit on this t  high point this week, which will hopefully be near the 1.6% profit line.  As Below


08/03/14 – Another positive week for this stock, making it three weeks (bars) of higher highs and higher lows.  The only issue I have now is the MAR14 contract will run out on the 18th so will probably need to take profits next week at  a reasonable high point – initial target is my minimum (best case scenario) profit of 1.6%.  i will keep a close eye on the price action next week.  in line with my Trailing Time Stop strategy, I have adjusted the Stop to 64.81 which is below the low of last week and locking in 0.45% profit on my trading account balance.  As Below


01/03/14 – Although the price has seen a resurgence over the last two bars (weeks), I am now 15 brs (weeks) into the trade and need to place a Trailing Time Stop (TTS) to make this a Risk Free Trade.  I have placed the TTS @ 63.85 locking in 0.25% profit on my trading account balance.  This is an aggressive TTS 1 point below the low of last week and I will continue this into March.  As Below


15/02/14 – Last week witnessed a massive price drop from a strong profit making position, to then pull back slightly above the trade entry point from November last year.  This trade was on a weekly chart and is now 14 bars (weeks) into the trade.  You cant really see much on the weekly chart to the left on the picture below, so I have put a Daily chart to the right.  this shows the price gapped down massively on open for Thursday 13th Feb Session and since then has recovered slightly.  i have left the stop Loss where it is for now but next week is critical for this trade and I would like to see the price regain some of the ground it has lost.  As Below


11/11/13 – Trend Channel taken from Pivot B as a complex Wave 4. 7/9 indicators in the green giving a good trade setup.  Aggressive entry out of Trend Channel @6309. March 14 Spread Bet contract as target zone time line starts at the beginning of March 2014.  As Below

CAB#1 CAB#2osc'

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