04/04/14- – Even this LSE trade wasn’t immune to the very negative session.  Yet another weak trade that I may be able to get back in on during the coming weeks.  A 1% loss on my trading account balance.  As below


28/03/14 – BUY order triggered near the beginning of the session.  I dont expect m,uch action today and would be happy if the price closed around the entry point.  As Below


27/03/14 – An ultra conservative entry for this potential trade, way out of the Trend Channel and above the 6/4 MA High line, giving 8/9 indicators in the green.  Even though it seems late into this trade there is enough Risk to Reward at 1:2  to make good potential profits and it is a good sign for the price to break the 6/4 MA High line with the Stochastic just exiting the Over Sold Zone.  BUY Order @ 167 on a DFB, just above yesterday’s high.  Stop Loss @ 157.50 with the Take Profit Limit Order @ 187.  As Below


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