20/03/14 – The Stop Loss was taken out during the end of today’s session in what was a negative day for the LSE.  This gave me a 1% loss on my trading account balance.  As Below


18/03/14 – The BUY order has triggered and I am into the trade along with BYG-LSE, which also triggered during this morning’s session.  As Below


17/03/14 – The Trend Channel is taken from the main Pivot B as this is a complex W4 pull back compared to the simple W2 which meets Elliot Wave observations.  The Stochastic has crossed over in the Over Sold zone during this morning’s session, giving 8/9 indicators in the green  A conservative BUY order @ 676 on a DFB Spread Bet contract out of the Trend Channel and above the high of last Thursday’s session still gives a potential profit of over 2% on my trading account balance. Stop Loss placed @  658 and the Take Profit Limit Order @ 715.  As Below


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