07/05/14 – The price suffered a massive move down and took out the Stop Loss, giving a 1% loss on my trading account balance.  As Below


24/04/14 – The price gapped up to open then immediately dropped to around my entry point.  It happened so fast my online brokerage was slow and ended up entering me in the trade at 32.17, which was very near to my original BUY order.  So into the trade, As Below


23/04/14 – When the price breaks the 6/4 MA High at the trade entry point there will be 9/9 indicators in the green, with a Risk to reward ratio of 1:2,5.  This is a great potential trade setup with a conservative but safe entry.  BUY order @ 32.20 with a Stop Loss of 30.78 and a Take Profit Limit Order @ 36.00.  As Below




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