20/12/13 – Take profit target reached for part Bof this trade with an extra 2% profit.  Giving a total profit for the whole trade of 5.75% of my trading account balance.  Biggest WIN so far this financial year!! As Above

17/12/13 –  The original trade was was taken out on a DEC 13 Spread Bet contract which expired at the close of trading today.  i have rolled over the contract to a MAR 14 contract (discounted as ordered ahead of time).  However the position has to be closed and a new contract position opened, so I am reporting the 3.75% profit on my Results for December as this first position is closed and in effect I am on a new position or you could say part B.  I have moved the Stop Loss to the old 3% profit line to lock the majority of the already taken profit @ 240, then I have drwn in another green hatched line at the entry point for the new trade contract @ 24.  As you can see there is still a RR of over 2:1 for part B of this trade.  As Below


25/11/13 – Price makes new Wave 5 high and has opened, this week, above the 3% profit line.  I have moved the Stop Loss to 233.95, which is at the 2.5% profit line and below the lows of the last two bars (weeks).  Locking in profit. As Below


11/11/13 – Price opened above the 50% to profit target zone so I have moved the Stop Loss to the 1.6% profit line, which is below the low of last week @ 225.18. Locking in profit. As Below

BEZ-LON#309/09/13 – Trade setup looks good with 7/9 indicators in the green. A conservative entry out of the Trend Channel and above the high of the last 2 bars (weeks) @ 208.86.  Stop Loss set at 198, As Below


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