BEZ-LON (2014)

25/02/14 – Massive gap down today on Dividends Day which took out the Trailing Stop and closed me out of the trade.  Coincidentally the Dividends paid today, as this was a Long position on  Spread bet Contract, meant the adjustment for Dividends on my account netted me a 1.26% profit on my trading account balance.  Stock prices do not always gap down or up on Dividends day but Long Spread Bet contracts always pay out adjustments for the Dividends, so an extra boost for profit.  With the profits taken in December the first time I traded this stock BEZ-LON  added to this profit, I have made 7% profit on my trding account balance in total this financial year just on this Stock alone.  As below


20/02/14 -An “Ascending Triangle” pattern is now present with this trade and I have drawn it on the chart (Blue Triangle).  The pattern has formed over the last 29 days and has been broken both yesterday and today.  An Ascending Triangle, with its increasingly higher lows and constant highs, indicates that buyers are more aggressive than sellers and the original Bullish Trend should continue.  Although the original Take profit Limit Order was set at the target zone around the 300 price, I have changed the Take Profit Limit order to 309 (4% profit line).  I have altered this to give the trade chance to gain a higher potential profit as you can copy the original ascending triangle then place it on top of the trend line that has just been broken (Original Ascending Triangle) and then use the Apex height to calculate a potential price target (Green Triangle).  I have also moved the Stop Loss to 271 protecting 0.75% profit of my trading account balance, just in case this goes horribly wrong.  This is now a Risk Free Trade. As below


30/01/14 – The trade triggered straight after the session opened.  A very volatile opening to the trade with the price swinging both ways.  An interesting day ahead.  As Below


29/01/14 – The trade didn’t trigger today but did have a positive day in the right direction.  I have moved the BUY order to 263 which will be an aggressive entry out of the Trend Channel if it triggers tomorrow and above the 0.25 Fib line.  This move improves the Risk to reward factor also.  Stop Loss and take Profit orders remain the same.  AS Below

BEZ-LON# poss 4

28/01/14 – This is the second time looking at this trade, the first closing in December on a Weekly Chart giving a 5.75% profit on my trading account balance, watch the VIDEO . This time it is on a Daily Chart with 7/9 indicators in the green and is setting up well for another trade with potential of a further 2% profit on my trading account balance.  BUY order @ 264 on a DFB Spread Bet Contract, which is an aggressive trigger out of the Trend Channel with the Stop Loss placed @ 248 and the Take Profit Limit Order @ 290.  As Below

BEZ-LON2#3 BEZ-LON2#1 BEZ-LON2#2osc'

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