Major Forex Pairs AUDUSD #1

05/05/14 – After trialing my “With Trend” Strategy with the Major Forex Pairs, I have now published my first trade.  AUD USD on a Daily Chart setting up with 7/9 indicators in the green with the 8/9 in the green when triggered s the price will cross the 6/4 MA line. This potential trade has followed the same behviour as my Equity Wave 5 Trades and I am confident it will trigger.  BUY order @ 0.9315 with the Stop Loss @ 0.9200 and a provisional Take Profit Limit Order @ 0.9530 , As Below

AUDUSD Daily#3 AUDUSD Daily#1 AUDUSD Daily#2osc

06/05/14 – This LONG Major Forex Pairs AUDUSD trade has triggered with massive movement to the positive side and closed the day above the entry point.  As Below

AUDUSD Daily#4

08/05/14 – After yesterdays pull back towards the entry price, the trade has had a positive day on the back of good news from Australia with better than expected Employment Rates.  The price closed near he high of the Tuesday (Day the trade triggered).  As Below


13/06/14 – Although the price made a new high on the current bullish trend, I have decided to time stop this trade as I have been in it for over 20 days and it seems to have found resistance around the 0.9420 area. Remaining disciplined during these times with your time stops is critical to ensure a sausage machine of profits is at work.  AUDUSD trading at its most frustrating one of the Major Forex Pairs that you either love to trade or shy away from. Another use for the Daily charts on Major Forex Pairs is as an indicator to main directions for trades on lower time frames. I will be entering trades using this as a contributing factor over the coming months. Profit on trading account balance is 0.8, Chart for closing trade ss Below.

major forex pairs'

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