21/04/14 – The PTI has  dropped below 35 and therefore made this potential trade a low probability trade.  I have therefore cancelled the BUY order.  As Below


12/04/14 – The trade didn’t trigger last week but the same 8/9 indicators are still in the green despite the very negative US markets as a whole.  I have adjusted the BUY order to increase the potential reward to 2%.  BUY order @ 17.16 which is aggressive out of the Trend Channel for Monday’s bar (depicted by the blue vertical line) but importantly above the highs of the last 5 bars (days).  Stop Loss @ 15.17 and the Take Profit Limit Order @ 22.00 As below


10/04/14 – Although the Risk to reward is right on the limit of 1:1,6, it is still a green indicator making a total of 8/9 indicators in the green.  An aggressive entry is needed to achieve this Risk to Reward just out of the Trend Channel for today’s bar.  If it doesn’t trigger today then the entry can be adjusted to achieve a better Risk to Reward.   BUY order @ 17.60 with a Stop Loss @ 15.17 and the Take Profit Limit order @ 22.00, As Below

AMRI#3 AMRI#1 AMRI#2osc'

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