14/03/14 – Yesterday saw a new W4 low formed on this potential trade, but more importantly the Elliott Oscillator breached the 140% line (bottom of chart below).  As this is a critical indicator and is now not in play the probability of the eventual W5 forming is low so I have cancelled the BUY order.  You can’t enter them all and it is not worth pushing.  AS Below


08/03/14 – With the Stochastic just crossing over in the Over Sold Zone there are now 7/9 indicators in the green for this potential LONG trade.  I have drawn a blue vertical line to show the position of next Monday’s bar (10/03/14).  As you can see I have put my trade BUY order conservatively out of the Trend Channel and above the highs of the last 5 bars (days).  BUY order @ 48.70 on a Daily Funded Spread bet contract with the Stop Loss at 45.00 and the Take Profit Limit Order @ 60.00. As Below

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