24/01/13 – Trailing Time stop taken out just after the session opened giving a profit os 0.25% on my Trading Account Balance.  Another negative day on the US markets with the DOW at -200 points and counting.  If I come out of this month at the break even point then I will be happy that I have done well considering the majority of my trades have been LONG. As Above

22/01/14 – I am 13 bars (weeks) into this trade and despite a W5 being formed at the beginning of December 2103 (above 50% to target zone) the trade, at this time is not performing well.  Instead of a Time Stop, I have moved the Stop Loss to the 0.25% profit line @2145 to lock a little more profit and will look to trail the stop over the coming days.  As Below


03/12/13 – Price has gone through the 50% to target zone line.  Have moved the Stop Loss to 2112.50, just above the Break Even point and below the low of 3 weeks ago.  Risk Free trade! As Below


21/10/13 – Wave 4 pullback almost at its lower limit, but with 8/9 indicators in the green the trade setup looks good.  Aggressive entry out of the Trend Channel and 6/4 MA High (almost identical) @ 2070. As Below

AGO#1 AGO#2osc'

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