08/02/14 – I have cancelled the BUY order as the trade has become a low probability trade due to closing around the 0.618 Fib line and also breaking past the red XXX on the chart which now makes it a 50/50 trade which I am not comfortable with.  i have 15 trades on now with others coming up soon so this trade is simply not worth the risk.  As below


05/02/14 – Another session and another W4 low formed for this stock price.   All 8/9 indicators as yesterday are in the green, but their are a couple that are close to their limits.  Namely the W4 pull back did go below the 0.618 Fib Retracement yesterday but closed above (0.618 line is the limit) .  Also the Elliott Oscillator is close to the 140% line which is its limit.  At the moment the trade is still on and I have left the BUY order entry point the same but changed the Stop Loss order to reflect the new low @ 5085.  Must be aware of this each day to check on indicators and may have to cancel the order if the price doesn’t turn around by the end of the week.  As Below


04/02/14 – As with many stocks on my watch list, this also formed a new W4 extreme low during yesterday’s session.  The TJ’s Ellipse is still holding and interestingly the stochastic crossed over in the over sold zone yesterday, which now confirms 8/9 indicators in the green. i have adjusted the Stop Loss on the order to 5217, which compensates for the new W4 low.  The BUY order entry still remains the same as does the Take Profit Limit Order.  As Below


02/02/14 – The Trend Channel is taken from pivot B as this is a complex W4 pull back.  The Stochastic is primed to cross over in the over sold zone and just needs positive price action next week to do so.  This would then give 8/9 indicators in the green and although some of the limits on indicators are close, the trade setup looks good at this stage.  I m going for a conservative entry , way out of the Trend Channel, above the highs of the last two bars (weeks) and 1 point above the 0.382 Fib retracement line.  BUY order @ 5613 on a JUN14 Spread Bet Contract with the Stop Loss order @ 5239 and the Take Profit Limit order @ 6800.  Great looking Risk to Reward at nearly 3 x reward compared to the 1% Stop Loss gap. I will keep a close eye on this next week to see if the TJ’s Ellipse holds and the price moves higher. As Below

AGCO#3 AGCO#1 AGCO#2osc'

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