23/01/14 – My Trailing Time Stop was taken out minutes after the session opened giving a 0.5% profit on my trading account balance.  A very negative day where I expect to lose a couple of the weaker trades!!

23/01/14 – With decent price action gain yesterday, I have moved the trailing stop to 1 point below the low of yesterday @ 4718 (0.5% profit line).  This tight trailing stop will continue each day and act as my Time Stop.  As Below


21/01/14 – This trade has been open for 20 bars now and hasn’t made any where near the target zone.  Instead of time stopping the trade, I have moved the Stop Loss to the 0.25% profit line, below the open of today and locking in a small profit – but giving the trade a chance to go.  I wil keep a close trailing stop each day until it is taken out.  As  Below


19/12/13 – BUY order triggered at the end of the session.  DFB Spread bet contract as should reach target price zone in the next 10-15 bars and wanted to keep the spread as low as possible.  As Below


18/12/13 – Today saw a new low formed and so changing the W4 extreme.  then after the Fed announcement there was a large movement up in the price.  I have re-drawn the Trend Channel and the Target zone has been re-calculated.  The BUY order remains the same @ 4660 which is just above the high of yesterday.  Stop Loss on the order has changed to 4517.  risk to reward sits above 2:1 now and 7/9 indicators are in the green.  As Below


16/12/13 – Friday saw a new W4 low formed and now the TJ’s Ellipse is not holding the W4 extreme.  Still have 7/9 indicators in the green but obviously I have moved the Stop Loss to 4556 (1 point below Fridays low).  Also the Trend channel has been adjusted giving a new entry price @ 4660 BUY order changed. As Below


09/12/13 – Although there is 8/9 indicators in the green, the prices seems a little range bound.  So a conservative entry order @ 47.21 has been placed, which is 1 point higher than the high of the last 5 days.  Was in this trade in May and was stopped out and made a 1% loss.  Lets see if it is stronger this time. As Below

AEP#1 AEP#2osc'

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