Sometimes, I just want to throw up my hands when watching the financial markets. China, Greece, oil prices, bank defaults, and interest rate worries… I want to crawl into a media free zone! So how can I be successful when there’s so much volatility and all these outside forces have an effect on the markets I trade?

VP-SoftwareBox-MedI’ve come to realize that I can’t navigate these complex markets alone, so I turned to VantagePoint Intermarket Analysis Software. It’s the only patented trading software that incorporates neural network processes and intermarket analysis to predict where the markets will be in the future.

I know this all sounds super complicated, the technical speak is certainly above my paygrade, but it’s actually quite simple and easy to use.

What is VantagePoint Trading Software?

VantagePoint does not produce buy or sell signals. What it does is make accurate daily predictions for more than 1,300 markets in all of the major trading areas: stocks, futures/ commodities, forex, ETFs.

VantagePoint packs a lot of power into the program. If I spend a few minutes in the evening, I can get the following things for any of the markets I trade: (click on the images below to enlarge – to return to the review, simply press the back button on your browser)

trading software

  • A precise forecast of the trend direction for the market over a two or four day period
  • A projection of the next day’s high and low
  • An alert on whether the market is expected to make a bottom or a top over the next 48 hours
  • A suite of other technical tools that give me leading, not lagging predictions for the market like their predicted moving average and predicted Neural Index.

In addition, I like how by design VantagePoint Trading Software removes much of the work and time inherent in finding high probability trades. The Intelliscan feature allows me to quickly scan through thousands of markers to find opportunities based on my specific criteria.

trading software

The trading software is built to be usable by amateur and advanced traders alike. The way the information is generated is literal ‘rocket science’ but the information provided to the trader on a daily basis is very easy to understand an act on. The interface is super easy to use and I was up and running within minutes of installing it.
My Research on the Company’s Reputation.

VantagePoint Software was created by Louis Mendelsohn. Personally, I had never heard of Mr. Mendelsohn, but after doing a little research I was blown away by his accomplishments. Mr. Mendelsohn has been changing how we trade for decades and is known as the pioneer of global intermarket analysis and holds two patents for predictive trading tools.

The company claims that the software is up to 86% accurate at predicting market direction.  Through the course of my review, I have seen many independent and third party verifications of the trading software’s accuracy. I was also pleased to see these accuracy tests spanned decades, dating back from the 1990s to today. For me, that shows not only accuracy, but also tremendous consistency, something traders sorely lack in many cases.

What I liked about VantagePoint Trading software
  • Super easy to use, didn’t have to spend time learning how to program. I just downloaded and was able to start using it right away.
  • Incorporates intermarket analysis so I don’t have to worry about all the external factors for the markets I trade.
  • The trading software is forward looking, telling me what is going to happen in the future, not the past so I have more confidence to take trades.
  • Clean functional interface. Had all the tech bells and whistles but wasn’t overwhelming.
  • The output and prediction data generated is extremely accurate. Almost unbelievably accurate, and they have the tests to back it up.
  • Extremely helpful customer support team and great videos and resources available online.
  • The company has been in the trading software business since 1979 so I like their stability and commitment to the industry
  • You can get leading indicators for over 1,300 markets across all trading areas.
What I Would Change About VantagePoint
  • Trying to print charts wasn’t very easy especially if you have customized your chart layout to a darker color.
  • There is no real option to connect the software to a brokerage platform. This isn’t a problem for me now, but I could see it being a nice option to have for extremely active day traders.
  • There were a few small biotech companies that VantagePoint doesn’t currently make forecasts.
The Final Verdict

VantagePoint gives me the confidence to trade in these complicated markets. It has no crippling flaws and makes no false promises about what it delivers. It is not a trading system but a very sophisticated set of indicators that work in concert to produce so much useful market information that numerous trading systems could be developed from its output. Its track record proves that a trader could use the software for many years and not be likely to run out of ways to tap into its capabilities for use in various kinds of trading situations. Whether it turns out to be the exact item you are looking for or just another powerful tool in your trading arsenal I don’t think you’ll say that you wasted money investing in VantagePoint.

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